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    [ Elvis X ]

    words and positions . . . to live by

    Words and Positions Listening to words and positions . . . to live by takes me back a few years when guitar effects, slap bass, roto-toms and echoed out vocals screamed from every bar on the strip. A time when kids were running out to music stores to get the new Rock-Tronic Guitar Effects Processor. A time when learning scales, modes and rudiments was cool.

    Boasting an all-star line up from the Greensboro, NC area, ( Singer/Frontman Scott Tucker, formerly of Misplaced Aggression* - Bassist Scott Tuttle, ex-Metropolis - Toxic Popsicle guitarist, Steve Muir - and Scotty Irving Geezer Lake's extraordinary drummer) Elivs X has brought back the glory days of prog rock.

    words and positions . . . to live by combines the stylings of Laundry, Jane's Addiction, I Mother Earth, 80's metal and dark toned funk into a creative, stomping, interesting funkrockadelic amalgamation.

    Elvis X runs the gamut, musically, from heart pounding rhythms and gut wrenching guitar riffs to meticulously practiced intricacies between all three instruments. The aforementioned array of textures create just enough room and support for Tucker's dark introspections.

    The record finally reaches it's potential with "37 Steps." Muir's King's Xish riff gives way to an Infectious Groove/I Mother Earth pounding bass line. Scott Tucker's echo-chamber vocals glide nicely above the dark rooted funk syncopation provided by the other two Scott's, Tuttle and Irving.

    The stop and go stomperific pulse makes me want to wave my arms and shake my thang. My thang keeps on shakin' right on into the next section of the song, where Muir flicks off the fuzz and slides into a smooth clean compressed 7/8 progression while Irving plays a straight 4/4 underneath.

    After a haunting melody and a description of these '37 Steps' Muir explodes into a wah-wah driven lead until the song's completion.

    I am proud to say that I knew of these bands then and I am prouder to say that I know of this band now.

    * Misplaced Aggression was my favorite live band during my freshman year of college. In fact, I bought my very first guitar cabinet, which was actually the bass players rig, from Misplaced Aggression.

    Written By: Geoff T.