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    [ Les Savy Fav ]

    Rome (written upside down)

    Rome During the first February of the new century, the band, Les Savy Fav, records quite possibly the finest five song collection in recent years.

    Les Savy Fav has had to deal with the departure of guitarist Gibb Slife.

    When a band member leaves a band, two things can happen - the missing member can be replaced thus redefining the band and their sound. OR the missing member can remain missing and the band can continue on - thus still slightly redefining their sound. Once we accept one of the previous two possibilities, the tree of eventual out-comes branches out endlessly.

    Les Savy Fav selected the second option. Thus saving us the trouble of continuing down our current logic path.

    ROME (upside down), as mentioned earlier, stands as the best EP I have heard in many years. With their sound slightly modified, the now fab foursome has blessed our ears with music and words worthy of high praise.

    From the initial 8 bar broken pulse of I.C. Timer, Les Savy proves to the faithful that their music will continue to be powerful, passionate - perfect.

    From the initial 8 bar broken pulse of I.C. Timer, Les Savy proves to the uninitiated that their music will be powerful, passionate - perfect.

    The band states, "We are all sad that Gibb is no longer playing with us but the absence of a second guitarist made it much easier to create new dynamics in these songs."

    Asleepers Union, best exemplifies the above. The songs begins with bassist Syd Butler's sparsely, almost uncomfortably, strumming chords and lone guitarist Seth Jabour sneakily placing his melody.

    Finally at the 1:48 minute mark, Harrison Haynes glides into a dramatic pulse - shifting between 7/8 and 6/8 time. All the while, vocalist Tim Harrington displays his uncanny ability to, not only write smart, poetic lyrics, but to deliver the written words in such a manner that nearly forces us all to tear off our inhibitions and pretend we are a part of him.

    For the next 87 seconds, the glittering chords and meter alternating continues, and with the crash of a cymbal and the bang of the snare, LFS stops all gliding and prepares us for descent. Seth and Syd alternate 4 beat phrases.

    LSF allows us to glide and dive three more times during the Union.

    And that is only 20% of the EP!

    Les Savy Fav's music blends punk roots, textual melodic hooks and pensive lyrics into a well constructed structure worthy of comparisons to Teatro di Marcello or Claudius' Aquaducts.

    Written By: Geoff T.