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    [ The Dismemberment Plan ]

    Letter to Rolling Stone

    Brain C. I can't deal with your magazine any longer. At one point you used to be cutting edge and current. I remember discovering Soundgarden, Dinosaur Jr.and the Pixies all in one article in 1989 called Magna Cum Louder. Yet your latest batch of hopefuls does not include The Dismemberment Plan. How can you continue to ignore this band whose Emergency and I release was the best album in any genre of 1999; this band that consistently sells out large sized clubs all over the country despite being completely absent from the pages of your magazine; this band whose legendary live show caught the interest of Pearl Jam who ended up taking them to Europe as an opening band... despite the fact that they are NOWHERE to be found on MTV.

    Mainstream music today with its rash of boy bands and meathead rap/metal hybrids is at an all time low. The fact that you've devoted so many covers and stories to these ridiculous groups, most of whom have little or no staying power in the grand scheme of things, more than attests to the fact that you've run out of honestly genuinely amazing musicians to profile. I'm encouraged by the fact that someone has picked up on At the Drive In. But if you honestly want to know who could be the REAL "saviors of rock", see the Dismemberment Plan live, or pick up their Emergency and I album.

    These four bust their asses year after year, balancing day jobs and touring endlessly, putting on an unrivaled live show of melodic frantic energetic funky soulful pop music unlike ANY group in this country today. Yet they are ignored in favor of groups mining the long dead soil of rap metal, by your magazine no less; a magazine that was instrumental in providing exposure to some of the most important recording artists of the past 35 years.

    I hold a great deal of respect for Rolling Stone, but lately I've been so sick of your ignorance of the THRIVING underground (groups like the Plan, NYC's Les Savy Fav, DC's Burning Airlines, Athens GA's Of Montreal) While I enjoy the fact that the scene is pure and has not been co-opted by the masses (YET) at the same time, if any group deserves wide-spread recognition, if any group can be seen as an important new phenomenon in pop music, continuing the tradition of XTC, Devo, REM, Talking Heads (all of whom got great introductions in your mag) The Dismemberment Plan is that band! I don't know what else to say. Find out why I spent the time emailing you for yourself; pick up the disc, see them live. They are the future.

    sincerely, Brian Church

    Written By: Sir Brian C.