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  • Terminal Band -12.04
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  • ROBBERS -12.03
  • The Better Half -12.17

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    [ The Shipping News ]

    Very Soon and in Pleasant Company (Quaterstick)

    Though it may be easy to become jaded towards the angular/dynamic heavy sound of the Shipping News and it's satelite bands(June of 44,Rodan,etc.) they always throw in a new element into a pretty static sound. On their second full length the Shipping News has finally moved from a moonlighting project between Jason Noble Kyle Crabtree and Jeff Muller into fully developed band. Where Save Everything gave off an feel of claustrophobia Very Soon breathes and is full of curiosity, beauty and the ominous.

    While "Nine Bodies, Nine Sates" is the easiest song to pick out "Actual Blood" may be the prettiness song the band has wrote yet. Over brooding piano chords and lofty viola the band stretches past the confines of their supposed sound. To call Very Soon and in Pleasant Company a mixture of the best parts of last June of 44 or Rachel's records would be the easy comparison. In actuality Very Soon is both a departure from and embracing of the band members past work.

    Written By: Paul B.