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    [ The Secession Movement ]

    The Secession Movement

    It's true. I do know the Secession Movement as individuals. Some of them I've known since High School. I even played in a band with one of them (I won't name names to save the embarrassment for said member...we sucked). What I'm saying is that I consider them friend. And of course, I am happy to have friends and even happier to have friends in a "worthwhile" band. But there are times when I wish I didn't know the members of the Secession Movement. "How could this be true?" you ask, I'll explain...

    I love this band. I am excited about what they do musically and even more excited about what they might do next. In a way, the Secession Movement is what I've been waiting for... a combination of all the elements. These elements being:

    1. They are all amazing musicians each and every one of them. I'm talking jaw-dropped, "I can't believe what I'm watching" amazing. They really could be a successful band on this element alone.
    2. Excellent songwriting.A decent level of at least interesting parts is expected by great musicians, but they cover all the bases. MELODY!(What an interesting concept!) Lyrics that I remember, and song structure that makes me want to investigate one of their practice sessions and takes notes.
    3. Performance. You gotta rock out. They understand this rule and follow it thoroughly.
    4. Originality. Its hard to describe or compare to something else, yet it "has a good beat and you can dance to it"
    5. Attitude. Not to say that you need an attitude to be in my book, but they have the right attitude. You can tell they enjoy what they are doing and you don't feel alienated by them. Maybe its just me, but some bands make you feel like you're not a member of their secret club.

    So...think to yourself what you would do if you came across a band like this. Unless you are a selfish jerk, you would tell people about such a wonderful group. Which is what I do. But now think to yourself what your normal reaction is when you hear "You gotta check out my friends band". You probably hear this a lot and have been disappointed in the past, which causes you to disregard the suggestion. Don't be ashamed, I've been there, I've done it. But this is my problem: I want to spread the good word. I also don't want to lie to people and the topic of how I came across such a great band eventually comes up.

    Now you might think this is a common problem for me, but its not. In fact I am sometimes hesitant to become such a fan of a friend of mine's work. I am aware that this attitude is part of the problem, but I can't help it. I can always appreciate a friend's music and listen to it frequently enough, but its rare that I put it on the same level as the rest of my music collection. Obviously this is not the case with the Secession Movement. Ever since the first time I saw them live, it was out of my control. I began listening to their debut LP "Academic" constantly, and I attended every show I could get to. Now every time I see them, the same thought runs through my head, "Something is happening"

    You have to take my word for it, that is the case. Something is happening with the Secession Movement. I only hope that more people realize this with or without my help, but I have to say that they are my last resort. I swear if a band this good can continue to be ignored by the rest of America, I will strangle Fred Durst to death with my bare hands.(I hope that the promise of Fred Durst's death won't be a direct reason for people to ignore the Secession Movement, but I would understand)

    The Secession Movement- "Academic" Keepsafe Records 2000 can be purchased through www.saulgoodman.com (there's a review on there by someone who doesn't know the band if you are still not convinced)

    Written By: Jon M.