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    [ Ex Models ]

    06.21.2001 - Middle East Upstairs, Cambridge, MA

    My Band Sucks.

    That was the main thought on my mind as I left the Middle East Upstairs last night after seeing Ex Models. Hey, but before you try to console me: I bet your band sucks, too. Think you guys work pretty hard, right? Think your songs are pretty good, do you? Not to be a jerk, but just to state the facts: Ex Models rocks harder and smarter than your band, my band*, and most of the lame bands you like (with the exception of ...). We left right after their set to return to the lab (those long-tailed hamsters aren't going to grow themselves, you know), but chances are they made the two bands that played after them look like a bunch of losers.

    It's hard for me to try to describe them. Some adjectives that may help you understand what I heard and felt last night are: Good. Noisy. Catchy. Exciting. At times, Lightning-Bolt-esque. Math-ish. Jump-around-able. Glasses-crushing. A touch of the weirder Dead Kennedys. On-stage two-guitar stereo-effects-ly. That borrible-wonderful abrasive guitar sound. Big drums. Screechey-yelly.

    And this from a bunch of guys who, like me and probably you, are from the suburbs. The New Jersey suburbs, even. Very Inspiring.

    Let's see, a blurb on their label's website, www.acefu.com, reads: "... aggressive artistic pounding which carries the musical torch of such greats as Devo, Talking Heads and Shellac." Yeah, I can see that, well, maybe not the Shellac part.

    Lots of sonic mayhem, but mayhem that was always controlled and powerful. Their cd, "other mathematics" is great! You should hear and see them at your soonest convenience.

    *p.s. My band doesn't really suck. I don't know about yours, though.

    Written By: Ernie K.