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  • Young Antiques -12.04
  • Silent Kids -12.04
  • Terminal Band -12.04
  • Almost Contagious -12.04
  • ROBBERS -12.03
  • The Better Half -12.17

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    [ BS2000 ]

    BS2000 in London

    Right I am going to try and do this properly. I am listening to the album and it is getting me all excited, wishing I was at the gig again.

    First off, big news - Mat was on time! I noticed that Ki had had a few double vodkas so I thought to myself “what a hero”. But then she had more, and more, then more so I said to Maffu “no more doubles for kitty, she needs to last a bit longer” and Maffu did ignore me and buy her more doubles. Maffu had red wine, I recognised we were in trouble.

    The crowd firstly consisted of girls, mostly Japanese. They were all at the front against the barrier when we arrived- proper fans. They were no longer there by the time the set had ended, come on girls, you can last a whole gig! The coolest person there by far was a Japanese girl who had a perfect afro. Mark thought Ki and I were being evil to her, told us to leave her alone. He just doesn’t get it, we weren’t joking or being ironic. I had to explain to him, she rocks and I am jealous of her. I still am, the afro looked so so good.

    The support band was ok-ish, musically. But they had no stage presence. As soon as they went up on stage I made a little joke to myself “oh look it’s The Corrs” but, yeah, they were about as interesting as the Irish wonders.

    Mark spotted Amery Smith in the crowd but I wasn’t sure whether it was him or not. I am always wrong in these things so I trusted Mark’s judgement.

    Yayyyyyy they come on stage, I can see Mat and Ki won’t last long. In the blink of an eye the venue has gone from being half-full to packed solid. Where did they all come from? Mat says he has to take Ki home but Ki seems better now so I wonder who the real person who wanted to go home was. Never mind I’m still standing so that’s ok! I had wanted an official t-shirt and I was going to buy one but I am so glad I waited to see the band. They all wore white shirts with a home-made big red heart on the front so guess what I am doing this weekend… And it was Amery in the crowd, why I so bad at spotting people?

    The music: Drums and tacky keyboards, all I need. Ad-Rock had tons of reverb on his mic which preserved our hearing for at least another gig. I have had a soft spot for the guy since I was 14 so I did the girlie thing for a bit and went all wibbly.

    I wonder if it wasn’t a Beastie Boys side project, would I be interested? I don’t know. It’s really catchy, y’see? And it’s hard not to enjoy watching a band that are enjoying themselves so much. The crowd started off tame and lame but by about the fourth song in, a healthy tidal movement could be seen. This is dance music. You hear it, you dance to it, simple. I loved this gig so much, it was just plain fun. It was well worth the hangover and tiredness that followed the next day and I love the fact that everyone is jealous that we actually went! I loved the shirts, the goofy ‘point-at-each other-with-your-forefinger’ dancing. I loved the fact that everyone seemed to have a good time. I loved the metal version of the “bird in my face” song (can’t remember any of the song titles I’m afraid)

    There is so much more I could say, like how ad-rock made the single stage driver seem like the biggest loser on the planet, how the drums hurt my head and I like that in a live set, how I have not shut up about it and probably won’t until all my friends start avoiding me.

    Written By: Nicci B.