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    questions or concerns.

    [ Student Rick ]

    A brief interview with Adam Reiter of Victory Records' new emo-pop-punk sensations

    Who's in the band,what do they play,and how old are you all?
    Adam -guitar, vocals ;Brett- guitar, vocals ; Jason- Bass; Zach- drums ;we are all 19-20.

    Since you're a new band to most people,please explain your sound to those who aren't yet enlightened.
    Emotional Rock & Roll.

    What signifigance does the name "Student Rick" have?
    It is something personal to all of us. We all use it for our own reasons. I personally use it as my escape from everything else in the world.

    How'd you end up on Victory?
    A demo was sent to them.They liked it,and well,here we are.

    Here's the part where you yell at me for your 2 Philly shows falling through last minute last winter. Its not my fault!!
    Nah, don't worry about it. We understand.

    I heard that out of all the shows you had booked on that tour,you only got to play like one of them..what the hell happened?
    Yeah, we only got to do a few shows on that tour but it's ok,it was an experience and that's what we needed. Basically, what happened was, we were nobody back then, and people just bumped us off of shows. Oh well.

    This is your "big break" signing with Victory.The album comes out in a few days. What are your expectations of it?
    We expect good things. We will see what happens though.

    Favorite metal band?

    Bomb the Middle East:Yay or nay?Why or why not?
    YES! It is the same thing as the Nazis in the 30's and 40's. If we just sit back and say "Oh well it's over,so from here we will be fine now" ,then that is naive. We need to take them out before they become too much to handle. So yes,bomb the shit out of those fuckers!

    Any last words?
    Hi to all of our fans, and thanks to all who are enjoying the record. Thanks a lot!

    Written By: Chris X