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    [ Into Another ]


    The Greek tragedies were created in order for the audience to go through a catharsis, a purging of emotions. The release of emotions is something everyone does every now and then.

    We feel bogged down with school, home life, relationships and whatever else which may happen in our lives. If we were living in ancient Greece, we could all go to plays and be so overwhelmed by the actions and drama and then all of our problems would seeming evaporate into thin air. But we are living in the '90s and we use comedy sitcoms for our release.

    Ignaurus by Into Another, will bring us to our catharsis. Ignaurus is the most complete album since Jane's Addiction's Nothing Shocking. The CD has it all: power, beauty, passion, depth and innocence.

    Ignaurus is Into Another's second full length album. The CD features nine songs of insight into the mind, body and soul of Richie Birkenhead, formerly of Underdog. Birkenhead explores the 'pollution problem in the world, his fear of dying, his love and insanity. Lyrically, the album is huge.

    Richie's voice and his words are what make Into Another unique from every other great band. He has a rather high pitched voice, which will make anyone's throat hurt, especially when trying to sing along with the chorus of "Maritime Murder." One of the best qualities Richie possess is the meteoric patterns he fits his lyrics Much like Perry Farrell does, Richie fits five or six words where one should fit and holds one syllable where six words should fit.

    Guitar player, Peter Moses, is a heavy version of Al Di Meola crossed with Alex Lifeson of Rush. His chord progressions are dark, powerful journeys through a jazz guitar chord book. To analyze his playing, he is simply amazing. From classical to jazz, to dirty to funky to any style possible, he plays them all. Guitar players, or anyone interested in guitars should check him out.

    As far as the rhythm section goes, the bass and drums are solid. Tony Bono, formerly of Whiplash, adds all sorts of interesting treats which will make our ears tingle with excitement, curiosity and amazement. He doubles the guitar sparingly and adds an entire dimension to the orchestration of the music. This is an element which most bands lack in today's music scene. Bono's thick, powerful intro on "Poison Fingers" sets the stage for one of the best rides on the album.

    On drums, Drew Thomas (formerly of Bold), crisp as a new bag, Of Lays Bar-BQ chips and just as tasty. His work on his 22 inch Zildjian ride and his hats are truly a treat for any Halloweener. Thomas' beats are steady and consistent. He always seems to play under control and does not show off until it is necessary

    Most of the tracks are powerful and heavy. Into Another threw in the occasional melodic twist, which is quite, possibly what gives Ignaurus the element of beauty.

    One of those crazy twisters is "Anxious," an acoustic song about Birkenhead's desire to become another creature while waiting to pass into the afterlife- - "I wish that I had gills. A pair of antennae; an exoskeleton. I wish I had wings on me; and if I grew fur imagine the luxury!"

    "Anxious" also features a fantastic bass line as well.

    I have had the opportunity to witness Into Another live four times and have been blown away every second of each show. They seem to have captured all of the power and energy from his albums and regurgitate it all over the crowd in huge doses.

    To see Moses up on stage wielding his beat up , black bodied Les Paul with the gold tuning pegs and to experience him meddling with his sophisticated effects systems while still ripping out all the chord changes in "Drowning," is enough to make anyone quit playing the guitar.

    Or to witness Birkenhead on his knees, belting out "Laughing at Oblivion." His face in pain, feeling the power of the words about dying and leaving his lover behind: "In your eyes there's an ocean as far as I can see. In death I'll be your rainbow. You will see me from time to time. You won't touch me ever again. Look for me on the other side..."

    It is enough to make anyone want to go home, learn all the words, grab a fresh cucumber from the fridge and jump in front of the mirror while screaming the lyrics at the top of their lungs.

    On top of that, Bono plays on his Fender Precision bass with his head down, shirt off, and the groove just spilling from his fingertips. It is a very powerful experience.

    With Thomas' stern look of concentration, he keeps the entire place swaying back and forth like the ghost ship in "Maritime Murder."

    All these actions truly make Into Another a great band to watch live.

    If you're in the market for an insightful, powerful trip through your favorite pair of speakers and a melodic rush of strength and excitement, then hustle out and purchase this CD.

    Although it may be scarce in your average record store, if you search for it, you will be rewarded.

    Or if you are in for a breath taking, spine tingling trip in your favorite pair of sneakers, go witness Into Another live in concert.

    Into Another is a mystery to all of its listeners. Everyone can grab something different from each of the tracks. The CD will affect everyone in a similar, yet unique manner. Everyone should experience Into Another.

    Written By: Geoff T.