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    "Well, Well, Well...Lookee Here!" (Teens finally yell, "Enough is enough!")

    It could be considered both a paradox and oxymoron, if one was to look closely but, if a respectable portion of teen music fans have their way, we are going to see a number of veteran artist re-issues across the board in the *very* near future. And, as this sector is the most prominent one, in terms of commercial music interest, I will almost bet on it.

    This is, in part, based on a recent survey conducted by Sam Goody that shows more than a few teens are now tuning out Britney and boy bands and, otherwise, opting for Boston, Boy George and Beatles.
    "As always, the corporate labels have no skills for innovation...only renovation, in the sense that, virtually, all of their actions subscribe to reaction, instead of transaction." - Kenny Love

    However, we should have seen this coming when the sampling rappers of the '90's were, instead, opting for former 70's and 80's R&B and Jazz superstars' soundtracks on which to stack their lyrical prose, and superstars who were, by then, considered all but obscure and passť. Even today, there has been very little marriage of RAP and NuSoul singers comparatively.

    Overall, much of this reversion can be attributed to the burn-out factor of fans as a result of the over saturation of today's studio-made artists by major labels that is akin to Chinese water torture. In fact, in certain circles, Chinese water torture is preferable. At least, with it, you only get a drop at a time.

    But, as always, the corporate labels have no skills for innovation...only renovation, in the sense that, virtually, all of their actions subscribe to reaction, instead of transaction.

    Hence, as a result, even the few artists who are being signed to major labels, are now dealing with extremely short-term contracts because of the fear majors have of the fast ever changing tastes of music fans.

    And if, indeed, there is significant interest and demand drummed up for these veteran artists from the teen sector, just think of the nightmare this will create for major labels that have spent the last few years developing reputations for crapping on their artist rosters.

    I, for one, am extremely pleased to see this predictability of the corporate sector of the industry fall like dominoes, for it now forces the all assuming corporate sector to finally sit up and take notice that music fans are going to have their say about what they truly want to experience... innovation.

    In fact, don't look now but, as part of the oncoming domino effect, we could also start to see a gradual shift in, and return of commercial radio formatting and programming, to one of diversity, as opposed to the 25+ years of format dedication.


    Not at all if, in fact, baby boomers, their children and grandchildren are beginning to share the same musical interests, due to the inane quality that continues to purvey and chase the general listening and music buying populations.

    Oh, yeah! For all those actors who are now becoming peeved with seeing musical artists make smooth transitions into the film world and enjoy dual careers, and are now doing the vice versa thing, take note that these same teen fans are advising most of you to shake it off and let it be.

    After all, such successful actors as William Shatner, Don Johnson, Leonard Nimoy and a number of other well known screen personalities have failed miserably to do so, with only a handful of actors being able to successfully move from one arena to the other.

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    Editor's Note: Kenny Love is extensively involved in both the Music and Writing industries. Receive more details with requests to aboutkennylove@getresponse.com and klmubiz@getresponse.com.

    Written By: Kenny Love