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Celeb Head


  • Young Antiques -12.04
  • Silent Kids -12.04
  • Terminal Band -12.04
  • Almost Contagious -12.04
  • ROBBERS -12.03
  • The Better Half -12.17

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    [ Blessing the Hogs ]

    The Poisoning

    Billy Anderson is noted for producing the records of some of the heaviest bands out there-Neurosis,EYEHATEGOD,Sleep,Melvins,etc.-so it's no surprise that his own band (he plays guitar) is crushingly brutal. This record starts of as standard sludgecorw, including covers of Crucifix and The Meatmen. It is at track 5, "Solvent Farmer", where Blessing the Hogs begins to shine. Fans of Bloodlet, and any of the bands Anderson has worked with, will punch themselves in the head with sheer delight at the bludgeoning they receive from these songs. Jesus Fucking Christ, this shit is HEAVY. Roared vocals spit venomously (what passages I can decipher make me long for a lyric sheet) over start-stop brutality and Bloodlet style sludge. Prescription painkillers are certainly in order, as this will have you bashing your head into the wall. Just make sure you wipe the blood up before it dries on your floral print wallpaper. And the hidden track full of movie samples will have you pissing yourself (as well as struggling to place the quotes)

    (Suburban Home/Goodfellow Recordings)

    Written By: Chris X