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    [ Young Antiques ]

    CLOCKWORKER (Two Sheds)

    "I found that music as a kid. and no one in the town where I grew up had even heard of them! All this rebellious music found me at a very rebellious age." -Blake Rainey

    Atlanta based trio The Young Antiques make no apologies for embracing the music of their past, and with the release of their latest full length, CLOCKWORKER, listeners won't come asking them to. With a brick wall guitar sound and solid, backbeat-for-a-spine rhythm section, Blake Rainey, Blake Parris and John Speaks present straightforward, high energy, balls out, rebellious post-punk anthems with choruses that beg you to scream along. The Clash, Elvis Costello, The Ramones, early REM, The Replacements and The Knack can all be heard swirling around in the 'Tiques collective head, but it would be a disservice to call them derivative. The quality of their songs give them their own voice. Besides, you can't help when you were born, right?

    This album fits squarely into the "definitive summer driving record" category, but is equally suitable for the "air guitaring in the bedroom" category as well. Blistering tracks like "Porcelain", "Adore", "Holiday" and "Radio Kill Radio" are tempered by engaging but slightly less high-octane tracks like "Little to the Left" and "On a Planet". The opening track "The Winning Season" could easily find it's way into mainstream formats (if it weren't for the horrific state of things that would require a few million dollars in payoff money that is.)

    The production has a very simple stripped down approach, allowing the material and energy of the performances to shine. The mix also is a few pops and scratches away from the great vinyl sounds of (dear God is it really) twenty years ago. The recod's pacing hearkens back to the age of 45 minutes a side, with the entire album clocking in at under 40 minutes. The track list wears like a great live set, leaving the listener slightly winded and wishing for an encore.

    The danger with music of this type is that after 40 minutes of listening it can begin to sound a little same-y. While the 'Tiques deftly sidestep that question in this outing, it will be interesting to see how future growth will expand their range of writing style.

    This is a great honest rock record that some might turn their noses up at, but all I can say is get over yourself and turn the shit up.

    The Young Antiques are currently on Tour. Please visit www.twoshedsmusic.com/tourdates.html for dates and places.

    For more information on the band please visit www.youngantiques.com

    Written By: Phil D.