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    [ Almost Contagious ]

    A L M O S T C O N T A G I O U S

    Rejected by the Abercrombie crowd and bored by the techno scene, Urban Sikness strikes a cord with attitude. After being formed in the late 1990's, Urban Sikness has finally come to show with their first independent recording entitled "A Taste of Things to Come". "Four our first recording, I'm happy" said spike-headed bass player Dylan Lamarche. "Tell me the honest truth" adds Kris Ambros the bands lead singer.

    Ambros, Lamarche and I recently met up at a popular Queens night spot and the two musician seemed more than eager to hear criticism from everyone who's listened. Although the band is still in developmental stages, what they offer us in terms of music is very promising. The title of the album is quite fitting, "A Taste of Things to come" reads true, the album only offers a small portion of what the band seems destine to be able to accomplish.

    Early on, even before they had open the garage door and unleashed their musical angst on the universe, the fan base was there. Here we see a band surrounded by friends and groupies, a website that gained over a thousand hits well before their first live appearance last year. Small venues in Brooklyn and Queens were packed with Urban Sikness fans curious to sample the bands live product. When appearances at the Red Zone lead to a great demand for a demo, the boys went to work. "A Taste of Things to Come" marks the study of a band in progress.

    Though demo tracks had been available on the now famous UrbanSikness.tk, the band packaged the five track recording on hiatus from playing live shows. The album plays like an ode to an abusive stepfather. Kris Ambros is the Mike Tyson of the mic and Chris Caceres and Roger make for a violent guitar combo. Jerry McCormick and Dylan LaMarche bang out drum and bass lines respectively. Dylan LaMarche's opening bass spot on the albums first track "Disgrace" is utter greatness and seriously eerie.

    "F.U.C.K.E.D" the albums second track is a simple and catchy expression of emotion. If this song was rap it would be eminem because of it's "Fuck you" message. Revelations the third track makes for a lyrically retrospective rush of adrenalin. The song's great guitar licks and tempo changes are a sign of the young bands versatility. A drum pumping battle ballad at it's best.

    "Life" is the most original of the bands material. The alternative guitar licks and lyrics much like that of Gwar and oddly enough; Green Day. Though a strong showing definitive piece, musically there is still work to be done. Though in a second listen the bands first album is easier on the ear and became more and more likeable.

    "Concrete Hell" is the final track and an explosive one at that. The dialogue is hauntingly angry, the guitar licks are exciting and the bass line booms. The song makes for a dramatic ending to a very promising band's debut recording.

    Slowly, but surely Urban Sikness will improve as a whole and as well as individually. More nights under the top act at local venues will prove valuable to the bands ever growing appeal. Though "A Taste of Things to Come" is a positive and promising demo, we can't judge the true prospects for any band until we see a full length record. While not playing at Red Zone or updating UrbanSikness.com, the band goes to school and parties hard.

    Urban Sikness is carving out its place on the independent hardcore scene. Time will tell and time already has been good to this band. Keep looking out for them and buy a CD when you can, don't just burn a friends copy!

    Written By: Matt C.