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    [ Faith No More ]

    Faith No More - Live at The Electric Factory 09.20.1997

    Have you ever experienced a band that can give you goose bumps and chills, up and down your spine? Yeah, well I have - they're Faith No More.

    The whole album, King for a Day, Fool for a Lifetime, does it to me without fail. Especially those lounge tracks. You know, "Evidence," "Star A.D.," "Take this Bottle," and my personal favorite "Just a Man." Those songs are incredible, I could be happy just listening to them and nothing else. Well, "Ugly in the Morning" and "The Gentle Art of Making Enemies," oh, and that sixth track - whatever it's called, something about feces, there fine songs too.

    So, getting to the show - except for the crappy sound system, FNMs performance was extremely goose bumpy. That sounds really dumb, whatever. Mike Patton put Engleburt Humperdink and Tom Jones to shame. He was absolutely mesmerizing. Suppossedly, he's playing Vegas this summer with David Lee Roth. Patton has to be the ultimate lead man for a rock band, hands down.

    The new guitarist didn't disappoint either. Jon Hudson entertained the crowd by screwing up the set after the first song. He mistakenly went into the guitar intro from "Naked in front of the Computer," and stopped abruptly when Puck didn't come in on his cue. Hudson got a few howls from the crowd, and was sarcastically reprimanded by Patton. Later, he busted into that beautiful solo from "Ashes to Ashes," soaking the crowd with wet reverb.

    Roddy Bottom, Billy Gould, and Mike Borden were in full affect as well. At one point, Borden had jammed so hard on his kit that his dreads got snared between his high hats. But not to worry, HR came to the rescue and rolled those dreads into a giant phatty and smoked away. OK, maybe that didn't happen, but if you weren't there you would never have known.

    Enough said, it was an excellent performance. Hey, if you don't have any of there stuff I really suggest you get some. They surely won't disappoint. Remember, "Being good gets you stuff, being stuff gets you good."

    Written By: Virgil