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    [ TETSUO ]
    [ Brass Knuckels for Tough Guys ]


      TETSUO and Brass Knuckles for Tough Guys -Stunt  

    This disc does not contain: beautiful melodies, handsomely recorded and processed music, predictable chords, rhyming lyrics, 4/4 signatures for every song.

    This does contain: complex graining orchestration, well honed execution of splendidly crafted songs, odd odd odd times, dissonance and harmonic resolution, amazing drumming and overbearing walls of sound.

    The first release, a remix compilation of unreleased material from Tetsuo and Brass for Tough Guys, from Chicago's Class-B Records makes me think there is something in the drinking water out there. This disc shows why the Chicago scene rocks so so hard.

    With vocals paralleling early and present VoiVod and musical scores in the vein of Season To Risk and Varese, these two bands strike gold in my soul.

    Let's walk through track #7:
    Leapordy begins with either some bass finger tapping or a sample (it's hard to tell) and some classic Fugazish feedback. Anyway, the sixteenth note tapping create such a panic roar that once the drums kick in you are actually soothed.

    The onslaught continues with wonderful conversation between the guitars and tight precision between the drums. The song slows with some strummed harmonics and catches a nice bobbing groove with sliding bass notes, ala Primus.

    The song ends by disintegrating into a 7/8 mish mosh.

    I am saddened that these two bands no long exist, but maybe they have spawned a few great bands.

    To better explain what the record contains I will simply re-type these brief band sketches Class-B Records gave me:

    TETSUO 1991-1995 There are four songs that were previously released by Tetsuo on 7" format, and were record by John McEntire of Idful Studios in December of '94. There are also six songs there were never released after the 2nd guitarist Chris Mancini left the band in which the trio decided to write songs heading in a simplified direction experimenting in odd tunings. All these tracks were re-mixed by Marc Schwarz of Uberstudio and master by Dale Meiner @Ghetto Love

    Brass Knuckles for Tough Guys, 1996-1998 This band emerged out of the fall of Tetsuo and was composed of two guitarists from that band. Again, Chris Mancini left the band and the trio went forth to write four more songs before its eventual breakup. There songs were recorded and engineered by Mac Schwarz in the summer of '98.

    Written By: Geoff T.