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    [ Season to Risk ]

    SEASON TO RISK -Upstairs at Nick's

    Well the fellas from Kansas City were back in Phily for one more night. The stormtroopers of dissonance were on parade and ready to rock.

    This was to be the fourth to the last show on their long tour of these Great United States supporting their third major release, Men are Monkeys, Robots Win on Thick Records. Duane, guitar, was not wielding his usual Gibson SG, but some strange instrument with one really big knob.

    Steve, vocals and guitar, had his usual guitar and smiling angst on display. And for once in S2R's history the bass and drums are the same for the live performance as they were for the record. Josh's, bleached blonde hair has been died black. And David had to borrow Buzzoven's cymbals because his cymbal bag was lying somewhere in an alley way in NYC. But phased was not he as the blonde beat machine marched on adding notes and pulses where they just shouldn't be.

    S2R started off the night a bit sluggish, the effects of a long road stint showing on their faces, but about two or three songs into the gig, the electricity and charisma was just propelling itself towards the dumbfounded crowd.

    The set consisted of a perfect mix of new stuff and old stuff. In fact even thrown into the mix was the one song I had been waiting three years to see live, Dawgs (off of their 1st Columbia release). S2R dove right into the intro of Dawgs and never looked back. Man it was, to quote an 8th grader, "awesome."

    The four pistons were in full steam driving our souls and minds to another planet once again. They played a slightly shortened set because of their position on the bill, but even 40-min. of S2R still makes a grown man act like a child.

    At the end of the performance, I caught up with Steve and Josh who were perched over their refreshments like two ravens. They both told me of how they drove from Arizona to Seattle without brakes on their van. I asked Steve if he could tell a little bit a bout the difference of being on Thick as opposed to Columbia. He said that he really enjoyed being on a label that cares about them. It's more gratifying to be on a smaller label who is willing to pay attention to a band rather than a large label where numbers are the only care they cast, said.

    I also found Dave resting his hands and head a few stools down. He explained the '23' conspiracy and it's impact on the band and the past.

    The fellas are back in KC by now, unless something serious happened to their van. They are going to chill for a while, but soon will start writing new stuff.

    If you are lucky enough to have a record store that carries Men are Monkeys, Robots Win, please count your blessings, praise capitalism and buy the record. It's well worth it. And keep a sharp eye out for the next time S2R blasts into town.

    Written By: Geoff T.