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    [ Slint ]

    Slint and Rice

    NEWS REPORTING 1 class sophomore year Rowan College, the guy that sat next to me, I don't remember names very well, but that's not important, handed me this tape. "Here, I think you may enjoy this." He said after placing the recently dubbed cassette on my black notebook.

    "Thanks," I shrugged. "what is it?"

    Proudly the word SLINT rolled from his mouth.

    I took the tape back to my dorm that night, and inserted it into my JVC deck. I think i saw the deck smile at me as if to say, "finally."

    Twangy guitars, smooth bass lines, and mesmerizing drums swelled from the decks companions, the speakers. I know that I smiled to my deck in gratitude.

    The next class, I turned to the guy who sat next to me, "I did indeed enjoy SLINT. I don't understand them though."

    "Me neither." He shrugged. Class began.

    For me the class was no longer NEWS REPORTING 1But rather, SLINT 101. I still don't understand the band. The most beautiful thing about them is their elusiveness. I know the songs the words and the covers, but everything else is a mystery. And i love it.

    For a good background on the band send yourself here: explore!

    It's the feel of the music that renders me helpless. Not the technique or the melody or the structure or the intricacies but only the feel. Well and the mood. They basically go hand and hand anyway.

    I just get stuck in their mood; their lost swell on the lake of gloom. It seems to me to be the most intense music. More so than Death Metal or even some classical pieces, Mahler is beautiful, but Slint binds me tighter.

    Night after night i cooked rice; lit four candles; placed a speaker on either side of me head, which was resting on a big black pillow. Put two more speakers in front of my feet on a chair. And placed a glowing candle on each speaker.

    I squeezed onto my remote and pushed the rubber button marked


    Settled down, let my hair down, scooped up a spoonful of rice. And floated on a Kentucky Lake. Listening to Tweez then Spiderland.

    So try to find these records and get plenty of rice!

    Written By: Geoff T.