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    [ Shudder to Think ]
    [ Foo Fighters ]

    Shudder to Think/Foo Fighters -Metro Chicago, Ill.

    My maiden voyage to the windy city and I get to see the Foo Fighters, one of America's hottest acts, at the Metro, one of Chicago's most renown music halls.

    The Metro, located down the street from Wrigley Field, is rich in history and rich in decor. The club is bi-level, 21 and up upstairs, but the level one stands does not matter, for in this hall any spot is a good spot. The stage had pillars along the sides and other ornate wood carvings. The sound system was loud and clear. Television sets hung from the ceilings to add a bit of the 20th century. Yes, indeed these surroundings were a cut above City Gardens.

    Let us move on to the entertainment. Shudder to Think began the night. They stood under those wooden pillars and looked just as stiff. The guitars spun a web that ensnared the onlookers, but when they were ensnared, the crowd acted confused as if they wanted to escape.

    Shudder created their usual sea of odd-timed riffs and uncomfortable grooves. After the third song, a handful of the crowd began mocking the singer's vibrato saturated voice. Apparently, they were not enjoying the show.

    Shudder to Think are great musicians, who have very original ideas. Unfortunately, they are as easy to dance to as city street noise. The crowd would soon be able to dance until their tap shoes fell apart once the Foo Fighters took the stage.

    Bring on the spacemen. As soon as Dave Grohl walked out with is virgin white Les Paul, it was easy to tell who the crowd was here to see. The infamous "push" occurred and the Foo Fighters began their set.

    Grohl, former drummer of that band from Seattle, has returned to his original instrument to front his new ensemble (he is a much better guitar player ). Let all comparisons between the Foo Fighters and Nirvana end right there. The two bands sound nothing alike; they don't even have the same member on the same instrument.

    To make it simple, the Foo Fighters were excellent. They impressed me from the very first chord to the last. Grohl, who we have only seen subdued behind his kit, owned the crowd. He radiated energy to every person in the hall. The fans at Wrigley were probably jumping out of their seats.

    He danced around like he was alone in his bedroom listening to his favorite punk record. His virgin white Les Paul became covered with blood when Grohl cut himself. Still, like Forrest Gump on his jog, Grohl pushed on. By the end of their set, the crowd was exhausted as were the members of Foo Fighters.

    They played all of the songs off their debut album along with a few new ones. They were one of the most entertaining bands I have seen in a long, long time. If you are able to catch them on their tour do so. If you are unable to catch them, enable yourself.

    Written By: Geoff T.