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    [ Grid Committee ]

    Anchor Wait

    I first heard Grid Committee when they opened for the Dismemberment Plan at the Knitting Factory in NYC. I remember walking into the Factory during their set and rushing to the front of the stage to get a closer look.

    Obviously, Grid Committee impressed me as I became one of the lucky few to purchase their CD. Apparently, demand was larger than supply that evening, which is always a good sign.

    Grid Committee's Anchor Wait combines odd-timed, exciting, syncopated driving music with floating female vocals. Of course, we all know this combination has been done before, but Grind Committee pulls it off exceptionally well.

    Unfortunately, the six song CD didn't include very much information therefore I will not be able to cite the players by name. But I would be doing the Slender Music readership a great injustice, if I fail to communicate the wealth of talent Grid Committee possesses.

    The drummer ignites the band with tight, crisp, well-executed beats, fills and transitions. He doesn't over play and he keeps the music pushing forward and allows our internal clocks to stop and take a listen. His approach reminds me as sort of a cross between John Stanier (HELMET) and Tim 'herb' Alexander (Primus).

    Grid Committee's bassist and guitarist compliment each other throughout the record allowing space for each instrument to be heard, comprehended and focused on.

    The guitar player blends dissonant, obtrusive chords with interesting melody lines and atmospheric arpeggiating. The bass simply drives and drives using a slight bit of distortion, which adds a bit of grit and fullness to the otherwise crisp recording.

    The voice guides us through the complicated musical labyrinth. She pleasantly shifts between a sort of angry chanting to softly sung melodies.

    This CD is a welcome addition to my collection.

    Below is the contact info included on the CD:
    Dance Masochist
    15 Grandview Trail
    Monroe, N.Y. 10950

    Written By: Geoff T.