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    [ Janes Addiction ]

    Relapse Tour 1997 Philadelphia P.A. 11.10.97

    ocean size
    ain't no right
    Jane Says
    Classic Girl
    Chip Away
    Three Days
    Summertime Rolls
    Mountain Song
    Ted, Just Admit It
    my jane's ticket
    Rock’s most influential band of the past twenty years took the stage in a sold out, although, not jammed pack Corestates Center.

    The thick smoke filled air could have been severed using any sharp implement. The crowd anticipating the raw unadulterated sounds of the L.A. spawned quartet, swayed back and forth well aware that the five year absence of Dave Navarro, Stephen Perkins, and Perry Ferrell would soon shudder to an end. And we would be splattered with wet images of Jane’s friends’ souls.

    To the sweet sounds of the arpeggited chordal intro of Ocean Size, Jane’s Addiction minus Eric A. plus Flea, completed the picture of Island Paradise on stage.

    The mighty warriors who smashed the music categorizing whores were back in full, or so to speak, apparel.

    God, I couldn’t wait.

    Perry’s screeching prepubescent voice sped through the air into the ears and brains of all on hand. "3, 4!"

    Stephen’s all consuming kick drum jilted the rivets in highest part of the arena; Flea’s Music Mann via Mesa Boogie cabinets thumped in perfect harmony with that kick drum; and Dave’s Paul Reed Smith-Marshall JCM 900 combination rounded off the most perfect sound these two ears have ever heard.

    Jane’s fans old, older, and of new swayed like the waves of the Pacific on one of Perry’s surfing excursions. Shrieks and Shrills, Whistles and Wallops shot up from the crowd.

    Jane’s Addiction was back weathered worn, reborn, and mature!

    Since the breakup in 1992, all the members have kept themselves busy with other projects, but tonight they were in their element. They were back inside the womb which bore them.

    Although, Eric was not in attendance, Flea strayed not from the original bass parts. Paying homage to as he says, a hell of a bass player.

    For Jane Says, Classic Girl, and Chip Away, the fellas moved onto a smaller stage set in the sea of screaming fans. Somewhat of an island.

    But the sound crew did not do their job. The microphones didn’t work, Stephen’s steel drum was silenced through out the entire Jane Says. Dave’s guitar kept cutting in and out. It was a general disaster.

    The band looked sad, and regretful while atop their little island. But the sea did not care. For the crowd just to be thirty feet from Jane’s Addiction was excitement enough. But the bands' sails were losing wind as they returned to the mainland and busted into Ted just Admit it.

    But things were just not the same But for some reason, I was not fully satisfied. There was something missing.

    I think that we have all become accustomed to the outlandish behavior the uncensored antics of the fab four during their brief, but explosive career. We have seen them kiss each other, dance naked, and fight. Tonight was no different than another night, but it was nothing new.

    The songs were great the fans were great the band was great, but the night, packed thick with anticipation didn’t fulfill the agreement. Jane’s Addiction has matured as players and as people. The youthful power they once possessed had given way to road and stadium experience. Face it all four of them were once ten years ago a bar band, although Flea was doing it was another group. All four were simply a struggling unit waiting for stardom. Well they most certainly have it now.

    Perry Farrell has created the most successful multi-band concert in the history of the world, Lollapalooza. Dave and Flea have melded to become the melody and rhythm of one of the most popular bands on the planet and Stephen has put on drum clinics world wide.

    They are no longer a simple bar band. They are world renown superstars. And a bit of the youthful edge has dissipated with stardom.

    But all and all the show will go down in my memory as one of the top ten shows of all time. But the 1990 Ritz in NY, the 1991 Madison Square Garden, and the 1991 Lollapalooza are still ahead of it.

    Written By: Geoff T.