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[ ROBBERS ] - Record Review
OrphanEndorphinDolphinDorsalFin is their first release on Keep Safe Records. This is a beautiful and varied record that bursts at the seams with its own musical content.
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[ Silent Kids ] - Record Review
The guitar sound these folks use is enveloping rather than overwhelming, making them a friendly monster of rock. These thick fuzzy colors, reminiscent of Billy Corgan at his best, combine with melodies and arrangements more akin to solo John Lennon and George Harrison than anything the Beatles ever dished out.
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[ A L M O S T C O N T A G I O U S ] - Record Review
Rejected by the Abercrombie crowd and bored by the techno scene, Urban Sikness strikes a cord with attitude. After being formed in the late 1990's, Urban Sikness has finally come to show with their first independent recording entitled "A Taste of Things to Come".
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[ Young Antiques ] - Record Reivew
"I found that music as a kid. and no one in the town where I grew up had even heard of them! All this rebellious music found me at a very rebellious age." -Blake Rainey
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The Pixes's 2nd Wave
borrowed from NME.com

PIXIES are to reunite for this year's COACHELLA festival in the US.

The indie rock legends will headline the bash alongside Radiohead and Kraftwerk.

All three bands will headline the first day of the festival, which takes place at Empire Polo Field, Indio, California on May 1/2. Organisers are still finalising contracts with dozens of other bands, including headliners for the festival's second day.

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