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w r i t i n g b a n d a u t h o r a u d i o l i n k c o n t a c t a b o u t
Celeb Head


  • Young Antiques -12.04
  • Silent Kids -12.04
  • Terminal Band -12.04
  • Almost Contagious -12.04
  • ROBBERS -12.03
  • The Better Half -12.17

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      The Princeton Record Exchange Misc Link One of the pioneering indie rock and import record stores in the the new jersey area...
      Braeden Band Link A band from West Chester, PA. Check 'em out.
    award star Skycam Band Link A nice site for a good band out of NYC. Check 'em out.
    award star FREEFORM > > wmfo.org < < RADIO Misc Link This is the tufts u. raido station. It's simply wonderful.
    award star Plug In music Misc Link A nice black and white site --with reviews, interviews and links to unsigned and indie bands. Most of the bands on the site -- i have never heard of. . . and that's a good thing.
    award star pahardcore.com - hardcore/punk/emo music ezine Misc Link A freaking fantastic site containing a huge DataBase of bands, shows, reviews and more . . .
      Shock Value Misc Link An on-line zine catering to independent artists.
      Zipthunk! Band Link "Like The Beatles getting F%$@#! by The Pixies while Elvis Costello films the whole thing."
      The Fleshpeddlers Band Link The offical website for the garage band with synthesizers from Minnesota.
      Unxplained World Band Link A new three peice band from nyc inde alternative rock emo punk whatever
    award star Baked Bean Misc Link An excellent information source on the ever growing Boston Scene. MP3's - concert dates - and band links can all be uncovered here!
    award star MusicRemedy Misc Link A fantastic resource to find information on ANYTHING dealing with the music industry.
      www.gradwellrecords.com Misc Link GradWell records used to be a site dedicated to the record label bearing the same name. BUT the site has now been transformed into a very handy 'Show Swapping' / 'Musican Finding' DataBase.
    award star Trans Am Band Link The offical Trans Am website.
    award star DeSoto Records Label Link Quite possibly one of the best record labels in the solar system. Founded by the folks from Jawbox.
      Traindoge Band Link an oklahoma city band
      www.worldrecords.com Misc Link A music specific search engine
    award star Sludge! Band Link A hard hittin' heavy rockin' band from New Jersey
    award star Music Aid Misc Link the official website of the WMF (World Music Fondation) - the UK based international music charity.
    award star The Burbs Misc Link A UK Based Underground Music Source
      sensefield.net Band Link A Huge Sensefeild Page
      Carbon9 Band Link an L.A. based mixture of Industrial, Gothic and Alternative music.
    award star 404 records Label Link a small but steadily growing independent label based out of central illinois
    award star Big Top Records Label Link Boston Based Indie Rock. Great Label
    award star Epitonic.com Misc Link Specializes in (legal) MP3s of some great bands, including Jawbox, PFD, Shiner, and others.
    award star jerkbox and punk'nhead Misc Link The zany comic book antics of Hell's two greatest demonic hitmen
    award star Knitting Factory Misc Link The web portal to a great NYC jazz club. This site has a club calendar, player bios and much much more
    award star Les Savy Fav Band Link L.S.F.are committed to making idiosyncratic pop music; songs which are both deceptively and deceptively complex.
    award star Dismemberment Plan Band Link Bar None, without question, undeniably one of the top 5 bands on earth.
      Girl Country Band Link an all girl alternative - country band
      Om Band Link An out of this world trio from Oregon. Please listen to their music
    award star Colonel Stem Band Link A fantasically fun website.
      The Indie Contact Bible Misc Link Promote your music to the world!
    award star ATOMJACK MP3 SHACK Misc Link A very wonderful place to hear fantasic music. Mostly from the San Deigo Area
    award star R5 productions Misc Link A fantastic site from the folks who keep bringing great rock shows to the philadelphia area
      Route Fourteen Records Label Link A fine growing record label from Philadlephia
    award star They Might Be Giants Band Link They Might Be Giants Web Stie. A feast for the ears, eyes and noses
      Scary Records Label Link A San Jose Based Label
    award star Sun Spot Band Link a madison, WI based band playing a blend of metal, alternative, and punk mixed into modern rock.