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  updated 18.Nov.04

  Tristan da Cunha is a small island in the South Atlantic.

Tristan da Cunha is Brian Church, Steve "Mr. Adorable" Budney, Ernie Kim.

  D.Boon, late guitarist of the legendary Minutemen, once said, "Our band is 'scientist-rock'". To make this statement applicable to the group Tristan Da Cunha, one would have to insert the word "mad" before "scientist". In addition, average Joe/Jane listener must also keep in mind that there is no such thing as an EXACT science. TDC aren't concerned with ethics so much as elixers. The three men discard accuracy for aggression when playing their individual instruments. They dispense with medicine and go for magic potions. Instead of testing the cells for cures, they'd sooner create creatures and make monsters. They are the ones in the bio lab manufacturing mutants. They are in the physics lab figuring out how to fly. They are in the chem lab causing crashes, concocting chaos and building the bombs to blow up.

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  Wednesday 1 Dec 2004 Lucky Dog
Worcester, MA

w. Shark and Bear
+ others
  Sunday 19 Dec 2004 The Plan at
Great Scott
1222 Commonwealth Ave.
Allston, MA
$7 18+ 9pm
w. Night Rally
+ Clickers


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  lbp014- self-titled full-length cd ... $7
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  tdc001/brr004- Magnolia::Knockout Fly 7-inch record ... $3
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  lbp016- Words for Snow / Tristan da Cunha
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songs on compilations:
  brr005- This Is Christmas
featuring Certainly, Sir, Soltero, the Secrets, Star Star Quarterback, The Burning Paris, Ed in the Refridgerators, Alexander Mc Gregor, the Sea Navy, Helms, Shopping, 4am Shifter, Jason Anderson/Wolf Colonel, New Idea Society, John Low and Jen Hill, Tristan da Cunha, California Stadium, the Autumn Rhythm, Alotia, and Drew O'Doherty
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  lbp012- The Luxury Sounds of the Losing Blueprint
featuring The Method and Result, Vaguely Star Shaped, Fiesel, The Nationale Blue, Andrew Wagner, PopCanon, Polaris Mine, Words For Snow, Calumet-Hecla, Score One For the Fat Kid, Notpictured, Centralia, Bird Gets the Smile, A Radio With Guts, and Tristan da Cunha
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  ry001- Summer Solution
featuring Bird Gets The Smile, The Warren Commission, The Beatings, The Idiot Toaster, Surface To Air, Fiesel, Delvic, Words For Snow, Tristan Da Cunha, The Switch, The Secrets, Noah's Dove, Milch, HelicopterEjectionSeat, Waterpistol, and Document
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